What is Streets of Your Town—The Journo Project?

Australian journos are doing some of the best work in the world and provide essential support to our society and our democracy. But the freedoms we enjoy need a free press and some of the fundamental principles which underpin this in Australia are under attack.

To help get word out about the excellence of Australian journalism, Streets Of Your Town—The Journo Project is a weekly podcast and newsletter featuring face-to-face audio quality interviews with Australia’s leading journos.

Each week you’ll receive an email with the podcast episode, an introduction to the episode, some behind the scenes views, and other bits and pieces.

All of this is free to everybody but if you want to support the project, your paid subscription helps me travel around Australia to record those interviews in person with the best possible quality. You’ll also get transcripts of the episodes for when you really want to know what our best journos are saying but you can’t listen to the audio right then and there.

We need to get the word out to more than just journos about how important journalism is to Australian society. So thanks for getting on board and supporting me in bringing the insights and revelations of some of the best practitioners of the reporting craft to you, and the wider public.

I hope you enjoy the remarkable work of our exceptional Aussie journos and can help support media freedom in Australia.

Nance Haxton, The Wandering Journo