What is Streets of Your Town?

Riffing from the classic song from the Go Betweens, Streets of Your Town is the indie podcast providing an audio snapshot of Australian life from all around this wide brown land.

At the top of each new Streets of Your Town substack newsletter you will find the latest SOYT podcast episode embedded—ready at the click of the play button to take you on a journey to meet more extraordinary, everyday, incredible Australians, and take you on road trips to places you may have never seen.

We are now at series 3, more than 60 episodes strong, thanks to the support of subscribers of this substack newsletter.

Series 2 of Streets of Your Town is The Journo Project. Each episode features a great Aussie journo, shining a light on their practice and ethics, to help get word out about the excellence of Australian journalism.

As a two-time Walkley Award winner, I have the experience and understanding to ask the tough questions of our top reporters, and discover how they work behind the scenes to find the stories that change lives. I also have the skills to bring out the stories of everyday Australians, revealing the stories that are untold.

Australian journos are doing some of the best investigative work in the world and provide essential support to our society and our democracy. But the freedoms we enjoy need a free press and some of the fundamental principles which underpin this in Australia are under attack.

All of this is free to everybody but if you want to support the project, your paid subscription helps me travel around Australia to record those interviews in person with the best possible face to face recording quality. Your support fills the tank of Mildred my cantankerous kombi and if she can’t make it that far, will help me get on a plane to get these stories back to you. You’ll feel like you’re sitting at the table with us.

We need to get the word out to more than just journos about how important journalism is to Australian society. So thanks for getting on board and supporting me and independent journalism in Australia by bringing the insights and revelations of some of the best practitioners of the reporting craft to you, and the wider public.

I hope you enjoy the remarkable work of our exceptional Aussie journos and can help support media freedom in Australia.

Nance Haxton, The Wandering Journo

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Walkley Award winning journo interviewing Oz's best journos


Nance Haxton

Nance Haxton specialises in audio journalism over more than 20 years—twice winning Australian journalism’s most prestigious honour—a Walkley Award.