Billy Hoade on how the buzz of serving coffee made him a Cairns legend


Tucked away in the hustle and relentless movement of Cairns’ famous Rusty’s Markets in the middle of town on Sheridan Street, is a local institution.

Billy’s Coffee has its own loyal gathering of locals every market day, and behind the coffee machine coordinating the barista symphony is the ever-smiling Billy Hoade.

He came from Papua New Guinea as a student 25 years ago and since then has built up his business into one of the main meeting points in the renowned tourist centre.

“This town has something amazing about it, it’s a nice community and people love to just rally,” he says.

Billy’s smiling visage is so well known it is also now the face of his business, seen on t-shirts around the city.

He’s been serving up coffee from his beloved Papua New Guinea for more than 15 years, expanding now to running his own roastery.

“I remember early on in my early years I was at a servo and I asked a milkman what it takes to have a nice little business so I could support my family, and he said ‘as long as you work hard people will support you. Just go for it.’

“And I’m like ‘is that all I have to do is work hard? That’s awesome!”

Billy tells us on Streets of Your Town podcast what keeps the locals coming back.

“From the beginning it was one table, just myself six bottles of milk and two kilos of coffee I borrowed everything else to now six staff and I get to play backgammon and chess quite a lot,” Billy says.

“Generally the people have been really resilient, amazing, a lot of ups and downs but pretty much everyone is very positive.

“The secret is just listening to the person in front of you order what they want. If they want soy milk and you give them skim milk you’re in trouble.

“I do try to buy the beans directly from the farmer because we roast them ourselves and we try to make sure that energy, that love, that they get something back from the industry that we’re in. So that helps make me happy roasting coffee that I know the money is going somewhere.”

He’s now looking at expanding Billy’s Coffee to make a deal with local dairy farmers to supply for an iced coffee version of his famous brew that could be shipped around Australia.

Billy is grateful to the people of Cairns for continuing to support him after so long, saying Rusty’s Markets is something special.

“It’s one of the rarest places where you come down on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you don’t make an appointment with any of your friends but you know they will be there, and you just turn up and they turn up and you guys catch up and the following week you do it all again.

“I’m really proud of my wife, and my sons that are now in the business and all the staff all the people that come and grab a coffee off us every day. When you roast a coffee and someone drinks it I still get a buzz, that it’s like a painting you paint and people like it. You’re not sure if they’ll like it or not but when they do it’s like phew they like it!"

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